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Summer Term 2018

Computational Social Choice

Type: Lecture with integrated exercises (3+1 SWS)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Markus Brill [1]

Lecture times: Monday and Thursday, 14.15 - 15.45

Computational Social Choice (COMSOC) addresses problems at the interface of social choice theory and computer science. Social choice theory is the formal study of collective decision making processes, an important example of which are voting rules. 

We discuss fundamental concepts from social choice theory and investigate axiomatic and computational aspects.

Specific topics include:

  • Arrow's impossibility result,
  • restricted domains of preferences,
  • social preference functions,
  • tournament solutions,
  • strategic voting, and
  • multiwinner elections.

Recommended background: Basic knowledge about discrete mathematics, algorithms, and computational complexity. Familiarity with formal proof methods. 

More information and registration: ISIS [2]

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